Researchers have had some tantalizing glimpses into nanoscale biology. But just when things start to get interesting, the dye fades or the quantum dot blinks.

We wanted to create a reliable probe that could stand up to the rigors of the lab and produce a fuller, sharper picture of biological interactions over time. Encouraged by their brightness and general durability, we’ve been convinced that the nanocrystals in quantum dots held the key.

Core Quantum Technologies was founded to overcome the technology’s inherent limitations. And we have. Our micelle-encapsulated nanocrystals provide unblinking and long-lasting insight into nanoscale activity. Improving the quality of your data, so you can improve the quality of human life.


Like all scientific innovations, our story begins with key publications. In 2010, Ohio State University’s Drs. Gang Ruan and Jessica Winter, et al, foreshadowed the potential of MagDots in their paper, Simultaneous Magnetic Manipulation and Fluorescent Tracking of Multiple Individual Hybrid Nanostructures. The following year, Ruan and Winter redressed the endemic limitations of quantum dots in their paper Alternating-Color Quantum Dot Nanocomposites for Particle Tracking.

Their research outlined the opportunity to aggregate dots together in a protective polymer. The approach simultaneously mitigated against the blinking of single dots while providing a shield to prolong signal life.

In 2012, Winter and Ruan joined with Kunal Parikh and Kalpesh Mahajan to commercialize the technology. Core Quantum Technologies was established to bring their MultiDots and MagDots to market.


Jessica Winter, CSO

Co-inventor of the MultiDot, Dr. Winter is a tenured professor in the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Department of Biomedical Engineering at Ohio State University. Dr. Winter received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from The University of Texas, Austin. She is also a member of Ohio Tech Angels.

Kristie Melnik, COO

A former research scientist, Ms. Melnik has split her time between medical device development and nanotechnology solutions for early-stage cancer detection. She formerly served as President of Cytolutions LLC and received her BS in Microbiology from Ohio State University.